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Individual B.A. in Game Narratives & Design 
UCSC 2010

A decade of experience

+25 shipped titles

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My name is Miguel and for nearly a decade I've lived the dream of helping to create fun, memorable adventures!

My creative writing skills, game design knowledge, and powerful imagination allow me to charm players by marrying fun gameplay with captivating storytelling.

Game Writing | Narrative Design | Game Design

Latest/ Upcoming Projects:

Monster Boy: The Cursed Kingdom — Xbox One, PS4, Switch
C.U.R.E. — A choice-driven visual story series for Tales by FableLabs
Feedom Trigger — A Sci-Fi interactive story series for Tales by FableLabs
Sikanda — 3D action-adventure game by Dyadic (SAGA Award 2019 nominee!)

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Skype: mvidaure

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Had a blast at GDC!
Monster Boy out now & doing great!