Miguel Vidaure
B.A. in Game Narratives & Design 
UCSC 2010


I'm a freelance game writer with nearly a decade of 
full-time experience across +25 projects! I use my writing abilities and imagination to help create memorable adventures that marry fun gameplay with captivating storytelling.

Game Writing | Narrative Design | Game Design
(English Localization)

Latest/ Upcoming Games:
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (2017) — Switch, Steam
Monster Boy: The Cursed Kingdom (2018) — Xbox One, PS4, Switch
C.U.R.E. (2018) — An original visual story series by FableLabs

Need an experienced game writer to help create 
characters, stories, and worlds for your game? 
Send me a message!

Contact Info:
Skype: mvidaure

Now Playing:
DA: Inquisition

Currently Reading:
Gears of War: The Slab