Miguel Vidaure
Individual B.A. in Game Narratives & Design 
UCSC 2010

*Nearly a decade of experience!

*+25 shipped titles!

*Looks good in blue!
~Game Writer & Narrative Designer~

I'm just a lucky guy living his dream of creating thrilling adventures for a living!

From memorable characters and worlds to branching narratives with choice-driven dialogue, I have found success using my writing skills and design knowledge to help charm players by uniting fun gameplay with powerful storytelling.

Game Writing | Narrative Design | Game Design
English Localization | Copywriting/Editing

Latest/ Upcoming Games:
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King  — Switch, Steam
Monster Boy: The Cursed Kingdom — Xbox One, PS4, Switch
C.U.R.E. — A choice-driven visual story series by FableLabs
Freedom Trigger — A choice-driven visual story series by FableLabs
Sikanda — 3D action-adventure game by Dyadic Games

Need a talented & experienced writer who loves working with teams from across the globe? If so, shoot me a message! : ]