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Last Updated January 2015

Blossom Tales :: The Sleeping King
  • Castle Pixel's next project is a colorful Action-RPG that draws inspiration from classic top-down adventure games.
  • FDG Entertainment has agreed to fund Blossom Tales and a second project for iOS.
My Role:
  • As Writer/Narrative Designer I will be crafting main and side storylines, quests, text logs, dialogue, and more.
  • I hope to add a unique storytelling element by having the granddaughter affect the game and story whenever she interrupts her grandpa throughout the adventure.



   What's a Zelda-like without a talking owl?             

Rex Rocket

Rex Rocket Official Trailer

  • Rex Rocket is a 2D action-platformer that was funded via Kickstarter and launched on Steam August 2014. This laser blasting, robot smashing space adventure was well-received for its challenging gameplay, charming visuals, and lighthearted humor.

My Role:
  • I helped craft the main storyline of the game, nearly every line of dialogue, and more than 100 'info nodes'-- text logs offering details on enemies, bosses, weapons, etc. A big fan of lighthearted humor, I had fun coming up with the silly story and characters that ended up being the highlight of the game for many.

Platforming               Bosses!

Teleport Puzzles               Platforming

Quotes and Review Scores:
  • "As a game designed to cater to nostalgia, Rex Rocket serves both as a wonderful reminder of those platforming glory days and a welcoming addition to the modern gaming scene." - Another Castle (4/5 stars)
  • "You’ll hearken back to games like Metroid and the much newer Cave Story. But this game is something new, and it’s wonderful." - Fist Full of Potions (BUY)
  • "One of the very best and most polished run-and-gun/exploration platformers I have played in years. It's silly sc-fi plot and the odd, clever puzzle here and there only add to the overall joy." - Indie Games
  • "Rex Rocket isn't just a love-letter to the golden-era of games, it's a solid addition to any modern action gamers' undeniably perfect combination of the best mechanics from the old and the new." - Cue Indie Review
  • "Considering the amount of games based on retro ideologies making themselves a success recently, Rex Rocket sits comfortably in that realm, as it should." - G3AR (8/10)
  • "Not going to lie. I die a lot. I make little progress. But, man, I still think it's a lot of fun!" - Vinny from Giant Bomb
  • "With a hint of Mega Man and a hint of Castlevania, Rex Rocket might just be what you're looking for." - OhNo Robo (OH YES!)

Rex Rocket Video Review

Full Team:
  • Robert Maher – Project Manager, Artist, Designer
  • Tyler Bud – Programmer
  • Rosstin Murphy – Level Design, Scripter
  • Nigel Shields – Composer
  • Miguel Vidaure – Writer