Game Narratives and Design

    An avid gamer from the day I first held a controller, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to make people happy by creating fantastic, unforgettable games. Hoping to prepare myself with a good education, I attended the University of California, Santa Cruz under the degree "B.S. Computer Science: Game Design". However, it wasn't long into my first year before I realized how much I disliked (and was awful at) computer programming. This was very disappointing considering that the only way take part in the three course game design capstone sequence was to be a CS: Game Design major.

    I sought help from Jim Whitehead, Associate Professor and participant in getting the Game Design major approved. He realized my passion for games and offered me the opportunity to take part in the capstone sequence only if I created my own individual major-- a very difficult option that few attempt and even fewer succeed. Realizing that my love of storytelling was the talent I could offer toward making games, I decided to create a major that would give me the learning necessary to develop robust creative writing skills of varying styles.

     Thus 'Game Narratives and Design' was born, a degree that fused together my devotion to games and storytelling by offering courses from multiple writing arts (playwriting, poetry, creative writing) while also requiring the year-long senior game project as my capstone. After plenty of hard work and dedication I had finally received an education that advanced by abilities as a story developer while also giving me a taste of game design and development, paving the way for whatever exciting projects laid ahead of me.


Miguel Vidaure,
Jan 28, 2012, 3:21 PM