~Miguel Vidaure~


Since 2010, I've helped teams spellbind players by uniting fun gameplay and immersive storytelling.

My passion is proving our medium's remarkable ability to create worlds and characters that endure in a player's mind long after skipping the credits — shame on them.

Let's forge our greatest adventure yet together!

Game WriterNarrative DesignerWorld Builder

Blessed are the legend-makers with their rhyme of things not found within recorded time.― J.R.R. Tolkien

Latest Major Projects

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Indie Action-Adventure Game!

Role: Narrative Designer, Writer

Published by Playtonic Friends

Availabile 2022 for: Switch, Steam

Match-3 Decoration Game with story!

Role: Lead Narrative Designer

Top 5: Games, Family Games, Puzzle Games

AppLovin's top earner in 2021

For: iOS, Google Play

(In no way involved with marketing!)

Action Platformer by FDG!

Role: Game Writer

87 Metascore

Recommended by: IGN Spain, GameSpot, NintendoLife, Xbox World, IGN Italy

For: Switch, Xbox, PS4

Role: Writer, Narrative Designer

Reached #3 on iOS

Wrote and scripted choice-driven Featured Stories based on major IPs and personalities.

For: Mobile Devices

Role: Narrative Designer, Writer

On IGN's Top 25 Games List

80 Metascore; 'Very Positive' on Steam

Recommended by: Kotaku, Giant Bomb, Game Informer, Destructoid

For: Switch, Steam

Original Sci-Fi Interactive Story

"People implanted with the latest microchip are noticing lost time blocks in their life. Can Corrin expose the chip's true purpose?

Role: Gamer Writer, Scripter

Platform: Tales - Fiction You Play!

Original Adventure Interactive Story

"A merc team must hunt down rogue scientists carrying an unknown aquatic microorganism. As leader, how will you decide their fate?"

Role: Gamer Writer, Scripter

Platform: Tales - Fiction You Play!

Rex Rocket

Role: Writer

'Mostly Positive' Review Score

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and approved via Steam Greenlight thanks to votes from the Steam community.

For: Xbox One, Steam

Other Projects

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Original Interactive Mystery Story

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Mobile PVP RPG

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Original Interactive Story

Tower of Fortune 3

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Mercs of Boom

Strategy Game

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Interactive Story

Thief Job

Mobile Runner

Gargoyle Ruins

VFDcade Inspired Game

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Online Tank Battle Game

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Mobile Strategy Game


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